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Successful aluminum welding requires a stable arc. A spool gun ensures a steady, consistent, and reliable wire feeding for soft wires like aluminum or brazing wires due to a short feeding distance. Spool gun improves the “feed ability” of aluminum wire by locating a small, 4-inch diameter wire spool (a one-pound aluminum spool) on a pistol-grip style gun. Using a spool gun saves considerable welding time while ensuring high weld quality.

SMH360 Series Spool Guns are designed to feed wires which are difficult to feed through the standard MIG gun. These Guns can be used for stainless steel, flux-cored, and thin solid wires however they are most commonly used for aluminum and brazing wires measuring 0.03, 0.035, and 0.040 in. If you are going to use a MIG gun longer than 15 feet with solid wire or flux-cored measuring 0.023 or 0.030 in., Spool Gun is the best option.

SMH360 is a 300 A lightweight, well-balanced, dual groove drive roll, easy to set up, designed for easy and reliable aluminum wire feeding with a variety of CV power sources and engine-driven welders. The design of this spool gun reduces the maintenance and production time by allowing easy access to the drive rollers and performing routine maintenance without disassembling the gun.

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