MIG Gun M250 Series

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MIG Gun M250 Series

M250 is a newly designed, heavy-duty, durable, light weight MIG gun, equipped with a push-on nozzle as well as a comfortable ergonomic handle and Tweco®style torch head. This MIG gun possesses a unique capability of converting one termination style to other common styles such as Euro style, Lincoln®style, Tweco®style, or Miller®style by simply replacing them.


  • Knuckle joint for improved balance and position-ability ensures that minor movements of the handle and neck be independent of the cable assembly .
  • Excellent heat, abrasion resistance, and flexibility of the cable .
  • Lighter than standard cable sets and capable to withstand over 1 million flexes in life testing .
  • Extremely durable contact tips manufactured from premium grade copper alloys .
  • Standard, durable, and high-performance options for tip adaptors, diffusers, and swan necks .
  • Improved insulation and minimized heat transfer to the handle .
  • Ergo design handle and comfortable handling .
  • Light gun handle, less tiredness of the welder because of the special gun design .
  • Air gap technology for cooler running handles and better heat transfer isolator from the swan neck .
  • Steel and combo liner for all kinds of wires such as steel (metalcore and flux-cored), stainless steel (metalcore and flux-cored), and Aluminum.
  • Unique sealing ring for effective sealing of impurities especially in the argon gas process .
  • Reduction in welder fatigue by improved handle design for welder’s comfort .
  • Push on nozzle system and easy nozzle stick-out adjustment .
  • High-quality trigger with a life expectancy of greater than 1 million cycles .


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