MIG Gun Tweco® Style 200 AMP

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MIG Gun Tweco® Style 200 AMP

Build your ultimate MIG gun. Choose from a variety of necks, handles and trigger styles to optimize welder ergonomics and weld access. Then standardize with a single line of consumables to simplify maintenance and contain costs.



  • Improved balance and position-ability with the addition of a knuckle joint which enables small movements of the handle and neck independently of the cable assembly
  • Cable sets offer the ultimate in heat and abrasion resistance, fused by an electron beam process that maximizes flexibility and enhances durability


  • Exacting component design improve performance
  • Contact tips are manufactured from premium grade copper alloys; we don’t sacrifice performance by using low end or recycled raw materials
  • Standard and high-performance options are available for tip adaptors, diffusers and swan necks


  • High-tech polymer for improved insulation impact strength and weight reduction
  • Neck to handle interface minimize transfer of conducted heat to the handle


  • Microswitch controlled triggers provide better resistance to shorting created by welding fume dust
  • Trigger life expectancy greater than 1 million cycles
  • Utilize air gap technology isolation the sawn neck heat for cooler running handles
  • Knuckle joint short cable support system for improved positioning


  • Steel lines for steel wire, steel metal core and flux core wires
  • Combo liners for aluminium, stainless-steel, stainless-steel metal core and flux core wires
  • Unique sealing ring solution for effective sealing from impurities in argon gas process


  • Improvement in welder comfort and reduction in welder fatigue
  • Specified and constructed to las over 1 million flexes in life testing.
  • Lighter than standards cable

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