The Multiprocess 231 SLM is a high-tech, synergetic, powerful and portable inverter welder, equipped with an LCD Panel and a saving program facility. This unit is capable of Stick welding, MIG welding and TIG welding with a lift start in manual or synergic mode. The combination of synergic control and job programming ability makes this unit user-friendly for less experienced welders looking to perform high quality welds and save a lot of time and cost on machine setup. It features an LCD display which walks the user through setup one step at a time and then automatically adjusts its parameters to meet the required use. It’s like having your own personal welding expert right there with you! The voltage of this unit is selectable between 230 V (±15%) or 115 V (±15%) which makes it suitable for any single voltage electrical network. It is the perfect choice for anyone; from a novice to the professional production welder who has speed and quality in mind. The Multiprocess 231 SLM is capable of welding with Canaweld’s spool gun which ensures trouble-free Aluminum MIG welding too.


  • Capabilities to save up to 9 programs.
  • LCD display for quick intuitive setup whether you are an expert or beginner
  • Synergic control of welding parameters by machine
  • Possibility of welding processes MIG, Flux Cored, Gasless Wires, TIG, Stick Welding
  • Tested in (104°F/40°C), designed for toughest conditions
  • Digital control of the welding parameters based on the material or gas type and the wire diameter
  • Built-in polarity changeover feature for most common gas and gasless wires and Lift TIG Arc start
  • Professional wire feeding mechanism with 30mm rolls
  • Sealed (Dust proof), powerful and durable motor of wire feeder
  • Replaceable Double groove rolls, no tools needed
  • ‘Energy Saving’ function to operate the power source cooling fan when necessary
  • Spool Gun Compatible
  • Generator Adapted
  • Adjustable Voltage, Wire Speed, Wave Form, Burn back (in MIG process)
  • Possibility of Selection of Material, Wire Diameter, Gas, 2T/4T (in MIG process)
  • Adjustable Current, Down Slope, Post gas, (In TIG process)
  • Possibility of Selection of Material thickness, Tungsten Diameter, 2T/4T (In TIG Process)
  • Adjustable Current, Arc Force and Material Thickness selection (In Stick welding process)
  • Working possibility with Both 8 and 12-inch (203 and 305 mm) Wire Spool Size
  • Metal face panel
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty


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