MAGIC WELD 200 is a light-weight 200-Amp DC Stick welder. It is the best in its class for duty cycle and weight. Built for everyday use as a welder or as a portable generator. It is paired with an outstanding Honda GX 270 four stroke engine for a powerful and steady arc. The engine features an auto idle feature to increase fuel efficiency and engine life. The entire unit’s 135 lbs. (61 kg) weight and 200 A in 60% duty cycle, makes it a breeze to use out on site or around the farm. This welder is equipped with a “Power Optimizer “function, designed and patented by MOSA. This is a special feature aimed at preventing engine overload when working near its power limit.


  • 200 A in 60% Duty Cycle, just weigh 135 lbs. (61 Kg).
  • DC Arc welding machine.
  • High-frequency voltage control and welding current.
  • Welding with all types of rod including cellulosic rods.
  • High performance permanent magnet alternator.
  • Single-phase auxiliary circuit.
  • Auxiliary current AC with Micro-breaks for protection.
  • Engine stop for low oil level(oil alert).
  • Permanent magnet alternator, self-excited, brushless.
  • Auto Idle.
  • Economizer function power optimizer.
  • CE certificated.
  • Engine meets U.S. EPA and California EXH/EVP SORE Regulations.
  • Optional extra trolley and wheels.
  • Full steel frame for machine protection.
  • Honda GX270 Engine for reliable power.

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