The DIGITECH PULSE VISION uses a powerful microprocessor and cutting-edge arc control software – vision.ARC2 – to produce top-quality welding performance. DIGITECH PULSE VISION equipment features a synergic digital control that automatically determines the best welding parameters, based on the unique materials, wire diameters and gas selected in any given situation. DIGITECH PULSE VISION’s innovative digital control with color display fully combines synergy and complete control of all welding parameters to create a state-of-the-art approach to welding. Technologically advanced, powerful and easy-to-use, the DIGITECH PULSE VISION offers premium welding quality at a high speed in PULSED MIG, DUAL PULSED, MIG-MAG, MMA and TIG with lift arc striking and a separate wire feeder. The DIGITECH PULSE VISION represents the best welding solution in any industrial field, offering high-precision repeatable results


  • Software equipped for the arc control to achieve a more perfect and stable arc.
  • Very precise and faster operation of power source control.
  • Perfect detachment of the droplet, mostly in MIG PULSED and DUAL PULSED.
  • Consequent reduction in distortions, an improvement in the puddle and considerable increase in welding speed.
  • Possibility to be integrated into automated welding equipment.
  • Ability to connect to any Robot by means of a Robot Interface which can handle several analogic, fieldbus digital protocols depending on the features of the Robot to be used.
  • Optional “Vision Pipe software platform” which enables to weld for more accurate welding in pipe first root pass.
  • Optional “Vision Cold software platform” which enables to weld for low heat transfer MIG/MAG welding.
  • Optional “Vision Ultra Speed software platform” to weld small and medium thickness at a far higher speed.
  • Optional “Vision Power software platform” to obtain deeper penetration on medium and large thickness material.
  • Optional “Vision Pulse-Up platform” dedicated to vertical up welding.
  • Optional “Vision Pulse-Power platform” for a greater penetration together with an increase in welding speed.
  • Optional “Vision Pulse-Run platform” for a faster pulse welding.



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